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Our founder, Mario Krivickas, has traversed a fascinating journey that spans the advertising and fashion industries, finally culminating in the real estate sector. Over the past two decade of experience, he transitioned from London to the idyllic landscapes of Mallorca.

Navigating the highs and lows of both personal life and the real estate business, he felt an increasing drive to forge something more purpose-driven, socially impactful, and still financially rewarding. 

His vision evolved into a social club for investors - a unique platform where they could collectively raise capital, find potential joint venture partners, and contribute positively to future generations.

At present, our search is particularly focused on Mallorca, an island we personally call home. This is no ordinary place; Mallorca is blossoming into one of the smartest, most environmentally friendly havens in Europe, a serene locale where one can enjoy life at a leisurely pace.

However, our vision is not confined to this island.

We recognize the vast potential in the regions of Asia and South America as well.

Now, our founder Mario, along with his dedicated team, extends an open invitation to you.


Join us in identifying and realizing projects that align with your beliefs, in crafting a narrative that goes beyond bricks and mortar, and in making a difference that matters.

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