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Are you calling yourself

"PropTECH" company?

This is a way we can work together.

Core business:

Planning your company growth;

Do you know your goals,  a vision where you want to go? If -YES, it mean you are going on the right direction. Depend on your current company stage, we start to do "focus groups" to evaluate your idea, work on strategies, push you in broader market or find correct people for your growth. 

Branding & Visual Communication;

Sooner or later the day will come, the day - when you need to promote your PropTECH idea. It is a pitch-deck, corporate identity or promotion campaign. You can count on us and our team. We have Creative Director in-house.

Fundraising / Financial Support;

Money, money, money it is not so funny. . .  if you have not enough to push your idea. We can to invest, help raise or introduce other VC / Angel Investors to support Proptech product / service.

Our supplemental services

which helps us to get the highest quality in a partnership, return and still keep this planet (I hope it matters to you as well) alive:

- Legal Representors;

> Legals! You, better do not f&£k up with it, we will check, or even create a new one, so make sure all document are correct and ready to take you to a next stage.  

- Environmental adaptation;

Do you care what would be in a future? what our children will have? How your business could not just take from our "Mother Earth" but also give back, or at least use what is already existing.

To talk more about how we can help, please

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