Are you a Hotel Owner or Operator?

We know how difficult days are for you now.

We have a solution for you!

Let's talk, analyse how to use new-age RE strategies, marketing tool and other alternatives we can use to save your business. 

Core services

- Analyse the current situation and prepare a recovery plan

       (One of new & the most profitable model are to convert Hotels into Co-living with hospitality attachment)

- Preparing business plans with a purpose to SELL (if it needs to liquidate)

- Fundraising support and adapting to a new market.

Our supplemental services

- Legal Representors & Feasibility studies;

- Space Planning & Architecture

- Refurbishment / Construction Supervising;

- Interior Design, Art & Deco;

- Visual Communication, Marketing & Sales;

< Extra mile for success;

- PropTech & ConTech Integration;

- Environmental adaptation;

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