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Are you calling yourself a

"Passive" Investor?

This is a way we can work together.

Core business:

Investment Planning in RE;

Do you know your goals, have a vision where you want to go? If yes, using different RE investment strategies, our knowledge and your experience together we can make a solid plan for next steps.

Search for "right" investment;

As soon we know what you are searching for, we can start to look for "right deal". Is it your second home, future vocational rental property or co-investment in co-living.

Financial Support;

Money, money, money it is not so funny. . .  if you have not enough funds on the day of "this amazing oportunity”. We can to support your vision by introducing our independent mortgage local company.

Our supplemental services

which helps us to get the highest quality in a partnership, return and still keep this planet (I hope it matters to you as well) alive:


- Legal Representors & Feasibility studies;

> Legals! You, better do not f&£k up with it, we will check all document if they are correct and ready to take next your deal.  Then we must do the second check-up which is a feasibility study. Evaluate all possible risks, market prices and make sure other financial alignments are in right place. Even We will find and talk to your neighbours and get all possible information related to your investment.

- Negotiations;

> If all documents are in places and you have decided to invest. We will use our "Judo" negotiation techniques to beat price at maximum but still have win-win "deal".

- Place Planning & Architecture

> Depend on your investment strategy, if need it, we can do for you the last step of plannings - it is space / place planning with our in-house architects and urbanist. 

- Refurbishment / Construction Supervising;

Oh no, you have no idea how many stories we can tell you about it. We believe it could TV serial about renovations in Spain. We have tested builders and craftsmans in construction. The masters in quality standards and time scale. We are seeking to be updated with innovations. Always learning and collecting the best of the best, looking at smart technologies which helps to control this process and minimise budgets.

- Interior Design, Art & Deco;

>  Do you believe in Art & Design. Yes! Then we can find a synergy. This field is important for us and hope you too, we want to invest in cultural value. Give a soul to your future property. So, we would be your direct connections to local or international creative people.

- Visual Communication, Marketing & Sales;

>  Sooner or later the day will come, the day - when you need to promote to your current investment. Rent it, sell it or do other movement to make your place visible.

You can count on us and our team.

< Extra mile for success;

- Updates & alarms;

> We will inform you and warn if any market crashes are coming, we will give advice according to it. Maybe is a time to "cash out" and re-invest, maybe we can "remortgage" or etc.

- PropTech & ConTech Integration;

> If you are not familiar with any of those terms, don't worry. We are geeks who are studing and looking how we can apply to the future project;

- Environmental adaptation;

Do you care what would be in a future? what our children will have? How your business could not just take from our "Mother Earth" but also give back, or at least use what is already existing.

To talk more about how we can help, please

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